#AvieApproved Travel + Tips

When I was pregnant and beginning to pick out everything I wanted/needed for McVaby, my number one question for the product was: Does it travel well? With our lifestyle, travel-friendly products and baby skills are a must! Now, at 5 months, we were able to put some things to the test.


  • Our first flight was overnight and that is the way to go if possible.
  • Check with the rules and regulations of the airline. We flew Korean Air (my airline of choice) and they were great.
    • Avera’s ticket was 10% of mine.
    • We were able to check her a regular bag, stroller, and carseat included in that price. She also got a carryon.
      • We checked her pack and play and just called it a stroller since our stroller was a carryon 🙂
  • Reserve the bassinet. You can call ahead and request the bassinet which would put you in a bulkhead seat.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask, the worst they can say is no. Apply this to anything and everything: advice from people who’ve done it, help from the attendants, more food, etc.
  • Request your food early/late when your baby is sleeping.
  • Wear baby during take off/landing for safety, head support and control of their movement


  • Pack light for yourself and more than you think you need for baby
  • Pack the necessities in the carryon

Favorite travel items:

  • Mountain Buggy Nano stroller
    • We love this stroller!
    • It fits in the overhead compartment on the plane.
    • It is light enough to carry even when we were walking around exploring.
    • Folds quickly and easily; reclines for naptime.
    • Grows from baby to toddler to kid.
  • Beco Gemeni baby carrier
    • for babies 7 lbs and up (no insert necessary!)
  • Baby Bjorn Travel Lite Crib
    • most hotels have the option to rent a cot, but this one is easy to travel with and we checked it instead of our stroller saving us a bit along the way
  • inflatable tub
  • Covered Goods nursing cover

Must Do’s:

  • Nurse in public
    • learn to nurse with baby in the carrier, it’s worth it!
  • Let baby nap on the go
  • Wear baby
  • Hotel room with bedroom (if available and reasonably priced)
  • Take a hand pump
    • necessity to use for long flight and during the night without taking up too much space

Random Tips:

  • Be patient with yourself: you are learning and so is baby!
  • Don’t get embarrassed: your baby is your only concern and getting your family from place to place while being able to enjoy your time traveling is all you need to worry about.
  • Allow extra time and flexibility in your schedule. Everything takes longer with a baby!
  • Get creative: places without changing tables, nursing on the go, etc.

 I am by no means a pro and look forward to many more #McVacay Adventures to learn more about traveling with a baby to a toddler to kids!

Some pictures of our ventures:

IMG_2364 IMG_0307 IMG_0306

Me nursing EVERYWHERE we went!




Wearing Avie during take off/landing.


Avera in the bassinet on the flight.


The super handy inflatable tub.


Our fantastic carseat.


Using the Mountain Buggy Nano even on the bus.


And Avera sleeping all over the place.

img_3690 img_3696 img_3655 img_4757 img_4179 img_4887 img_4843 img_4400 img_4442 img_4596



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