#AvieApproved Pacifier Clips

I had my eye on these adorable pacifier clips before Avera was born. Ryan and Rose designs a must-have clip, called Cutie Clips, for all babies.


So when she refused a paci, I was bummed. But this mama couldn’t resist and decided to use them for teethers and toys!

img_1637 img_0973


It worked out perfectly since she was too young to hold onto anything for too long.

We’ve used a few different cute pacifier clips, but hands down love Ryan and Rose the most! Reasons they’re our favorites:

  • the quality – they use leather, suede and durable fabrics to make the clips
  • the fashion statement of course!
  • the customer service – quick response and the desire for happy customers
  • the story of founder, Lindsey, and the impact of her faith and Mark 9:23 on her life

We have Foster, Rosie in white and Luc in pink.

IMG_2879 IMG_7445

This post was supposed to go out months ago and I am almost happy that I’ve been too busy to post it because things have changed around here. Avera is now addicted to her pacifier and we would be in big trouble to be found without it. In fact, one day a couple of weeks ago, we went antique furniture shopping and halfway there I realized I had a paci but NO CUTIE CLIP! Dun dun dun!!!

We were walking around a dirty, dusty warehouse and the thought of her dropping it made me cringe. Not to mention, the entire way there she kept spitting it out and making it incredibly difficult for our backseat passenger to find. This particular day I became three times more grateful for Ryan and Rose!

Now that the paci is an addiction, our cutie clips are essential!



When we travel I clip it to the strap on the carseat, stroller or carrier.




Now we double up for paci and teethers!

img_3700 img_3223

We of course want to share the love and encourage you to get your own Cutie Clips at ryanandrose.co and get 25% off with code AVIEAPPROVED

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