#AvieApproved Nursing Covers

All of you nursing mamas out there know that when it’s time to eat, it’s time to eat! There isn’t time to find a nursing room (like those exist!) or get to the car; and there is definitely not time to get home! Having a nursing cover has been a life saver and Avera agrees.

She gets to eat when I’m shopping, in a restaurant, at a park, at the pool, walking down the street… she eats everywhere! This is all possible because of the fantastic shop Covered Goods™.


A Covered Goods™ nursing cover was the first gift I received after announcing my pregnancy. My sister, Brianne, had discovered them toward the end of nursing her first baby and declared that it would be the item I became most grateful for. She was right!

Because it was purchased before we knew the gender, she got me a neutral grey/white striped cover. It was put to use immediately!

When we had guests in the hospital, I pulled out my Covered Goods™ and was able to feed her right there without making my friends’ husbands uncomfortable.

At two weeks old, we took my visiting parents to Seoul. I was able to nurse during this abrupt and crowded performance.IMG_7909


 After spilling kimchi on it one night at dinner, I decided another Covered Goods™ was to be purchased for back up when this one was being washed. It was perfect timing as the mismatch floral pattern had just been released and I adored it. The nursing on the streets of the world could continue!

Here’s a peek at our nursing ventures:

Out at dinner.

Nursing at a milk farm. I love the irony!

These covers are not only amazing for nursing, but a must for sleeping out as well. My husband will not leave the house without one, even if I’m not with them.

He sent me these pictures on their first outing without me.

IMG_2502 IMG_1036 IMG_2075.JPG

We love the ability to cover Avera in her stroller or carrier when walking about. It keeps her from getting distracted so she can fall asleep, but it also keeps the nosey onlookers from reaching in and touching my sweet girl.


Avera is not quite big enough for a swing or grocery cart seat, but these covers work for that too! It’s great to know I have a catch-all option for nursing, sleeping and germie seats. We look forward to using these covers for years to come.

At 4 months she is now big enough for a high chair (with some stuffing of the chair), but I love being able to cover the chair and not worrying about germs.


My favorite things about this brand versus some of the others on the market:

  • the quality
  • the durability
  • the fit: it’s loose and flowy; neither of us feel restrained
  • the versatility: we use it for everything, plus it’s compact enough to take anywhere

My addiction is so real, and I feel so strongly about this brand I now own THREE!! I have been recommending this to all of my mommy friends ever since my adoration began and now I am recommending it to you!

I hope you too catch the Covered Goods™ fever, and to help you out they have offered a 10% discount. Use the code AvieApproved at checkout and enjoy nursing around the world too! Code expires August 13.

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