#AvieApproved bow subscription 

teeny-nation-logoYou’ve asked and here it is!! As you all know, Avie always has a bow on her pretty, bald head. We stocked up before she was born with bows that we still love, but will get more use when she has more hair 🙂

A while back I entered a giveaway on Instagram and won a gift card to teenynation.com. With it, I purchased a small red flower crown and a set of 3 bows with turquoise, pink and purple. We fell in love!


img_0063 img_0068 img_0515

Soon after, Bri started offering a monthly subscription. I couldn’t resist. We have been receiving these beautiful bows monthly ever since.

Our favorites:

Pink, of course!


A classic white and go-to black are a must!



These water color bows sold out quick and we know why! It was a favorite for those summer months.


This navy, leather bow is a frequent go-to!



And the October subscription just took the lead with this yellow!


And make sure you check out the prints! We have several florals, a pinstripe and a new plaid for the Holidays we are super excited about!!

Why we love Teeny Nation over other shops:

  • Customer service: this one always wins me over. Bri goes above and beyond to help her customers. She had even replaced a bow or two after my little monster took on eating them.
  • The subscription: it’s not one of those where you get one cute bow and two meh… they are all cute every time!
  • The quality: you will really get the bang for your buck!
  • They’re cuter than the competition. I mean really, look at them!!

Teeny Nation is proving it’s loyalty to customers once again by offering 20% off for all of my readers!

Use code: avieapproved

🎀 Stock up my friends!! 🎀

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